Lunch & Dinner Menus


The Oxtail Terrine – £4.60
Homemade Terrine served with Gribiche sauce

Marinated Roasted Chicken Wings – £5.20
Served with Buffalo sauce & Sour Cream

Peri-peri Calamary – £4.90
with Chorizo, Coriander & Lime

Gambas Skewer « à la plancha » – £5.40
With Avocado Mousse

Brie in Filo Pastry – £ 4.80

With Green Salad & Redcurrant Jelly

Vegetarian Salad – £4.60
With Fennel, Pomegranate, Avocado, Feta Cheese & Citrus

The Oxtail Nachos – £5.20
Served with Chorizo, Tomato and Melted Cheddar, Salsa Sauce, Guacamole and Sweet & Sour Cream

Soup of the Day – £4.90
Served with Artisan Bread


All served with Cajun French Fries and Salad

The Pulled Pork – £13.30
Homemade Slow Cooked Pulled Pork, Onion & Rosemary Fondue, Mustard Mayo, Cheese Fondu & Grilled Bacon in a Sesame Bun

The Scotsman – £14.50
Homemade 7oz Beef Burger, Haggis, Bacon, Cheese Fondu, Onion rings & Whisky sauce in a Sesame Bun

The Mac & Cheese – £13.90
Breaded Mac& Cheese Burger, Avocado Mousse, BBQ Sauce in a seeded Bun

The French One – £13.90
Homemade 7oz Beef Burger, Rosemary and Bacon Bagel, Raclette Cheese & Parma Ham, Green Pepper Mayonnaise

The Mexican – £13.80
Marinated Chicken Cajun, Onion & Sweet Pepper Fondue, Chorizo, Hash Brown, Cheese Fondu & Cajun Mayo in a Sesame Bun

Burger Deal – £16.50

Any Burger with a Stella or Soft Drink

Butcher’s Corner

All served with Peppercorn, Mustard or Blue Cheese sauce and Cajun French Fries

8oz Beef Onglet


10oz Ribeye Steak


8oz Beef Fillet



Glazed Braised Pork Ribs – £16.90
With Cajun French Fries & Homemade BBQ Sauce

Roasted Smoked Duck Breast – £17.90

With Sweet Potatoes Fries, 5 Spices and Honey Sauce

Roasted Lamb Steak – £15.90

Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli, Garlic & Thyme Jus

Vegetarian Creamy Risotto – £15.40
With Poached Egg, Wild Mushrooms in Garlic Butter & Green Asparagus served with Black Truffle Olive Oil

Homemade Fish and Chips – £14.80
Served with Tartare Sauce. Ask your Server for Today’s Catch

Steak Meal for Two – £39.90

Two Ribeye Steaks and Two Glasses of Wine

Steak Meal for Two – £49.90

Two Ribeye Steaks and a Bottle of House Wine


Mixed Salad – £3.20

Sauteed Vegetables – £3.90

Mac & Cheese – £3.50

Cajun French Fries – £2.90

Onion Rings – £3.40

Sweet Potato Fries – £3.80


The Oxtail Cheese Board – £6.50
served with Onion Marmalade & Artisan Bread

Chocolate and Walnuts Brownie – £4.50
with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream

Lime Cheesecake – £4.60
With Raspberry Coulis

Chocolate and Praline Cake – £4.60
with Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate Tart – £4.50
with Vanilla Ice Cream & Caramel Sauce

Warm Berry Crumble Tartlet – £4.50
with Vanilla Ice Cream and Raspberry Coulis

Dame Blanche – £4.50
Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce & Whipped Cream

Lemon and Raspberry Sherbets – £4.90

With Fresh Raspberries